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Strike Point Tackle

Tuna Slayer

Tuna Slayer

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The Game Changer in Tuna and Big Game fishing has arrived. We took our dredge designs and upped the ante. How you ask? By adding a hook to the end of our effective dredges. Featuring our 12” Premium Bar, this slayer is rigged with 9” lures on the outside drops, and a chain of lures down the center, ending in a 11” lure tipped with a SS 8/0 southern tuna hook. All mono is 250lb Mo-Moi. The center of our bars are held together using 950lb test Ball Bearing swivels, so no need to worry about this bar coming apart. Comes with a Mesh Bag.

Run this bar sub surface with either a planer, or trolling weight.


Every component is proudly Made and Assembled in the USA

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