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Strike Point Tackle

36” Mudflap and Squid Dredge

36” Mudflap and Squid Dredge

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Featuring our 36” Premium Bar, there are 13 2- squid chains with a 12” Mudflap below each chain. This gives the dredge a total of 26- 9” Mold Craft Squid, and 13- 12” Mudflaps. The look this dredge gives underwater makes it impossible for a predator not to come and inspect your spread. When the tuna are chasing squid, like this dredge mimics, every other fish in the ocean that isn’t prey has to take a look. Stop missing bites by placing one of these dredges in your arsenal. Mold Craft Squids are 100% made in the USA and are tried and true. Our Mudflaps are also made in the USA and will never crack or stiffen. Mudflaps are only available in black, but choose from four colors for the Squid: Green, Red, Pink or Blue. 

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