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Strike Point Tackle

36" HD 5/36" Titanium Dredge Bar

36" HD 5/36" Titanium Dredge Bar

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Our 36” Patented Dredge Bar is made of 5/32 Titanium. Let's just imagine for a second that our Premium Dredge Bar design met with the heaviest of duties Titanium and got together to spend some "alone time". THIS IS WHAT THEY PRODUCED. A stout, yet springy dredge bar. If you are rigging a triple tier mullet dredge, this is for you. If you are rigging our Premium mudflaps with our VooDoo heads, this is for you.  IF YOU ARE TIRED OF S#!T BREAKING, THIS IS FOR YOU. ALL crimps are bench crimped and glued to ensure no sliding bars or lost baits. The center features two 750 lb test heavy duty swivels with a welded ring so any snap swivel will fit.

Choose between 13 total drops or 19 total drops per bar. 

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